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Best Digital Marketing Company || Significance of Responsive Websites to Mobile Devices

What Is “Responsive Web Design”?

The process of responsive web design (RWD) entails making web pages that display properly on a range of devices and screen sizes. Web designers at The Best Digital Marketing Company in Kolkata are able to design a website experience in this way that takes into account the many ways users access and engage with websites. Globally, roughly half of all web traffic comes from mobile devices. This means that having websites that are accessible and simple to use, even on a small screen, is crucial for website owners (such as a tablet or smartphones).

In the current digital environment, where a growing number of visitors access websites via their mobile devices, mobile-responsive design is essential for websites. 

Why You Need A Responsive Website

Despite the abundance of public statistics that demonstrate responsiveness offers a better user experience, many website owners have been slow to implement responsive web design. The best digital marketing company in Kolkata ensures that all.

These are some of the main arguments in favor of placing it high on your list of priorities.

1. Google Prioritizes Mobile-First

It’s no secret that Google has moved toward a “mobile-first” approach in recent years. With more users searching from mobile devices than ever before, it’s become increasingly important for websites to be easily rendered on any device. Google aims to provide valuable and accessible content to users. The algorithm is most inclined to rank a site that fits the bill – by being responsive and user-friendly.

2. Improved Usability

When determining whether your material is relevant to the user’s search and whether they had a good experience on your website, time spent on page can be a key indicator.

3. Better Customer Experience

By offering consumers the components they are most interested in, Google aims to keep them pleased. The Best Digital Marketing Company in Kolkata keeps that in mind always.

Build a user-centered experience, and Google will probably reward you with better search engine ranks.

4. Improved Page Speed

Page speed is another factor that greatly impacts your SEO and, in turn, your rankings in Search. How quickly your website loads can make or break a user’s experience with your site.

5. More Social Shares

When users like your content, they’re more likely to share it with their friends.

Having an accessible website makes it easy for users to engage with your site, thoroughly enjoy your content, and then share it on social media. The Best Digital Marketing Company in Kolkata makes sure everything about that.

Improved user engagement and conversion: Users are more likely to remain interested and on a mobile-responsive website for extended periods of time. Increased sales and conversions may follow from this.

A website that is not mobile-responsive may not be as visible to potential users due to the preference given by Google and other search engines for mobile-friendly websites in search results.

Cost-effectiveness: A mobile-responsive design avoids the need to build distinct versions of a website for various devices, which may be expensive and time-consuming. The website can automatically adapt to different devices if it has a mobile-responsive design.

A mobile-responsive design aids in future-proofing a website by ensuring that it will continue to work well on new and emerging devices as mobile usage increases.


Having a website that is mobile-responsive is essential if you want to improve user experience, raise engagement and conversion, raise search engine rankings, and secure the website’s future. A website that is not mobile-friendly risks losing out on visitors and customers.