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The length and breadth of marketplace have exceeded all expectations in this decade. Virtual market or E-commerce has contributed much in this expansion. The most efficient way to showcase one’s products in this digital era is by the means of an e-commerce website. This website occupies a central role in driving sales growth, online traffic and conversion rates to a higher level. We at Devant IT Solutions understand this significance of e-commerce website development and aspire to provide a website which is instrumental in drawing revenues to the enterprise of our client. Data, design and technology are seamlessly interwoven to provide a fluid yet engaging e-commerce website, which enhances users’ ease and also augments their experience in the digital arena. Our work aspires to make our clients’ website unique to stand out among the host of websites available online. The design and aesthetics of e-commerce websites are determined with extensive discussions with clients to make it compatible with financial aims. Our service provides all up-to-date features like payment gateway, order status tracking, SEO compatibility with usage of latest technology.

Our Services:

The process in which one can build an e-commerce store where products are available and structured an online retail business is called Ecommerce development. Ecommerce development also ensures and worked on proper marketing and customer communication. Devant It solutions provide the best website development service in West Bengal.

  • E-commerce Strategy & Consultation

  • Custom e-commerce development solutions

  • E-commerce Platform Migration

  • Secure (HTTPS) website

  • Superior Order Management Solutions

Benefits of Developing an E-Commerce Website

  • It helps us to know more what happens around us.
  • Meets the entire needs of the customers what they want.
  • Strengthen the Visibility of the website.
  • Provides all the information with details.
  • There are no time limitations.
  • User-friendly features are available.
  • Helps to manage Easy Inventory control.
  • Helps in the benefit of the business.

Who We Are?

Devant IT Solutions is the best website development company in West Bengal. On the website, there are Data, design, and technology which helps to engage our clients and enhances users to work in this digital world. We dedicated our work to make our customer's websites unique and thus competes with others. The designs of the ecommerce website development are discussed with our clients earlier so that it meets up financial needs and in an easy way.

Why choose us?

  • Provides Up to date features in our services.
  • Have the latest technology which is SEO friendly
  • Optimized websites creation
  • Top-notch developers
  • User-friendly.

Devant IT Solutions is a top eCommerce website development company. There are various platforms of eCommerce development expertise. There are multiple platforms where we can build online stores. These platforms are:

  • Core PHP
  • Magento
  • CodeIgniter Laravel
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce