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Our Advisor
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Saptarshi Das, Ph.D.

Passionate About Cleaner Energy & Better Education

Universität Wien

S a p t a r s h i D a s, P. h. D

chief advisor
University of Vienna, IIT Bombay.

The need for cleaner energy and better education is what drives Saptarshi. He believes that technology, in particular, artificial intelligence (AI), will play a decisive role in shaping a future where everyone gets access to sustainable and affordable energy. Saptarshi designed the global innovation program "Shell .AI futures" together with multiple partners from industry and research institutes to address the toughest challenges of the energy industry by leveraging data and AI. Saptarshi is leading a global team of very highly skilled researchers at Shell to work on the energy challenge together with the right partners. Saptarshi got an MSc in Applied Statistics & Informatics from IIT-B and a Ph.D. with distinction in Applied Mathematics from the University of Vienna. Before joining Shell, Saptarshi worked with Morgan Stanley and Siemens where he helped to shape up their data science journey.


M a n j i s t h a R o y

chief consultant
Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.

Experienced Assistant Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Business Analytics, SQL, Analytical Skills, Data Analysis, and Statistical Modeling. Strong professional graduated from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.


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Manjistha Roy

Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

Our Journey’s Path

Our Mission

We give priority to the satisfaction of our clients. Once we are bound in contracts with our clients we try our level best to keep the relationship stronger with our clients. We leave no room for complaints from our clients. We serve them in the best possible way. Our Mission includes:

  • Providing utmost priority to our client’s requirements and specifications.
  • Furnishing timely delivery of projects.
  • Maintaining sheer quality of projects.
  • Assisting our clients with 24X7 support system

Our Vision

With new applications coming into the forefront each day, it is very important that you remain high on the surge in this competitive market. Our specialized and expert team helps our clients to maintain this dignity and distinctiveness in this era of globalization.

  • We aim at to be an unparalleled and an ace in IT field.
  • We fixate to stay spruced up with the latest enhanced technologies.
  • We offer feasible and cost-effective solution.
About Us

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We stand by our services and we are fully responsible for each of the code that we write for our clients, so your security is our responsibility.

Working Process

Simple & Clean Work Process

  • Frame the Problem 1

    The first stage in any IT solutions is meaningful, exhaustive and elaborate consultation between client and the service provider... This is pivotal in developing a synergy between the business goals and technological tools. This integration of both technology and business is the cornerstone of formulating a specific ‘problem’ to be solved in the process. The framing of the problem keeps the aim of consultation clear and concise to establish quantifiable measures to understand the efficacy of the solution. This stage in the working process works as the basis of future development.

  • Collect the Raw Data 2

    The nature and quantity of raw data varies according to the ‘problem’ set up as above. It includes aggregate ... data regarding online product environment as well as audience behavior in online platforms. This is used primarily to tether the design and development process nearer to the customer expectation. This is also a continual process, as this is also used in launching the product and monitoring initial reactions from the targeted buyers. This raw data collection also illuminates the nature of the ‘problem’ in novel ways, giving space for further fine-tuning the orientation of software development.

  • Process the Data 3

    Data itself is never knowledgeable. It is evaluated based on established quantitative benchmarks to produce concrete understanding of the ...raw data In IT solutions also, data is processed and this helps in understanding different aspect of data according to established category. This classification is based on the context of the specified ‘problem’ and illuminates the problem as an aggregate of various smaller aspects. This gives a comprehensive and all-round understanding which becomes useful in later stages. Processing of data makes it useful for our problem solving exercise by assigning specific data to specific aspect of the ‘problem’.

  • 4Explore the Data

    Once the collected raw data is separated in different aspects of the problem, these categories are used in further... exploration of the collected data in the same axis. This gives depth to our existing knowledge on the particular aspect of the problem. This results in understanding some of the underlying causalities and behavior model in virtual media. Exploration of the data gives way for performing analysis on the separate aspects of the data in a differentiated but comprehensive manner. This improves data-driven decision making in overall working process.

  • 5Perform Analysis

    The differentiated data is analyzed on the basis of needs of specific ‘problem’ of a particular client. It gives... insights from large data sets orienting specific software tools. This helps in building specific data science solutions like analytical reports, dashboards and business intelligence tools. These are essential parts of data driven decision making which helps in orienting the business strategy in a sound manner. These are used in increasing productivity and facilitation of workflow management. Analysis of the data yields a number of benefits in this manner which point towards a cost-effective solution of the formulated ‘problem’.

  • 6Communicate Results

    This is the last stage of the work. It is as crucial as the previous stages. The main aim... of this stage is faithful and understandable.communication of the result from previous stages. The results are based on quantified qualifiers as well as amenable to translate into simple transparent statements on solutions. The client must be comprehensively told about the importance and utility of various aspects of the solution offered in this process. The initial feedback is used to further exploration which results in final submission of the result to the framed ‘problem’ in a comprehensive and financially useful manner.

Meeting & Planning

We try to gather information & understand your needs. Using the information, we put together for planning.

Analytics and Research

Creating a well define scope of the project will help that the website project ends on time and within the specified budget and time.

Design & Development

We are working together to improve and expand clients business and digital experiences by developing web and mobile applications.

Testing and Deployment

With an experienced team of highly competent and talented professionals, we follow a global delivery model to accelerate the whole work processes.


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