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What Is a Sitemap?

About Sitemap:-

A sitemap is needed to find, crawl, and index all of your website’s content in search engines. It also helps to find which are the most important pages on your site.

There are four main types of sitemaps:

• Normal XML Sitemap: It is the most common type of sitemap. It usually links to different pages on your website.

• Video Sitemap: It helps to understand video content on your web page.

• News Sitemap: This helps to find content approved for google news on sites.

• Image Sitemap: That helps to find the image content on your site.

Nowadays, to rank high in search engines for website SEO is not enough. For this sitemap is needed.

An HTML sitemap is created to place on the homepage of the website for the visibility of every page in the website. This helps the visitors who came into that website to know all the information from each page of the website. This leads to a higher page rank.

An XML sitemap helps a website owner feed specific information about the pages crawled by the search engines. Also when the content was updated last, website owners can reclaim the hierarchy of the content of the website. It is important that you must understand information like keyword searches when a sitemap is created. This enables you to create content over that specific keyword for the website. This leads to a higher ranking for the website.

SEO Site Checkup’s sitemap tool is an easy tool. You have to put your URL to see if they can find your sitemap. Then create a Free account at Spotibo for crawling your website. Then look through the XML file types to see if you have a sitemap.