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Benefits of Using Twitter

One of the world’s most popular social media platforms is Twitter which has over 335 million users. One can reach their businesses by using Twitter and connect with their customers.

What should you tweet about?

The information that you tweet depends upon whether you are an individual or an organization. If you want to tweet as an individual you can post your interests like your hobbies, news stories, and general observations.

If you want to tweet for an organization, project, or group then you may choose to only send research-related tweets. It is an informal communications tool. Thus don’t be afraid to clasp a personal, friendly, and comical approach to tweeting.

Examples of things you can tweet

•             New publication details

•             Your research news items

•             Links to any blog posts

•             Conferences thoughts

•             Questions to invite feedback

•             Photographs

•             Replies to other people’s tweets

•             Retweets of other people’s tweets

Let us consider, a Twitter account will benefit our business.

Benefits of Twitter for business

The advantages of using Twitter are as follows:

•             Reach a wide audience: Twitter has many users where your potential customers are also included. By using hashtags you can reach an audience who is interested in a particular topic or in a particular location.

•             Deliver customer service: This platform allows customers two-way communication directly. If you do it well it shows your business in a positive light because of public interaction.

•             Brand identity:  Twitter can also help to communicate with your brand flavor and personality which help your business appeal to your target audience.

•             Feedback: It is a useful resource for collecting feedback from customers.

•             Cost:  Twitter account is free of cost. Many businesses see benefits from organic posts and interactions.